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Liquid Humic Intense l HUMIC Intense™ mineral complex | 32 oz

Liquid Humic Intense l HUMIC Intense™ mineral complex | 32 oz


plant-sourced mineral, trace element, vitamin & amino acid complexes 

 naturally occurring organic humic mineral complex ~ naturally complexed by Mother Earth

dietary supplement | 32 fluid ounces per bottle

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Naturally balanced by Mother Nature, this nutrient-rich source of minerals and micro-nutrients, provide foundational nourishment as well as powerful support for cellular detoxification; a key aspect for optimal health and vitality.

HUMIC Intense™ mineral complex is a rich source of naturally occurring 100% humic mineral & micro-nutrient complexes. The deep, dark, rich liquid resembles a cup of black coffee with a flavor that’s rich and earthy.


Humic mineral complexes are:

  • Naturally occurring organic by-products of naturally decomposed fresh water plant deposits. In this case, the plant source is a rich deposit of anciently grown fresh water plants, hidden deep below the surface of Mother Earth.

  • Life-sustaining nourishment with mineral complexes and micro-elements necessary for cellular health and vitality, naturally balanced my Mother Nature

  • Humic mineral complexes are known to be potent ‘free radical & virus collectors’ that chelate & carry toxins out of the body

  • The potent, nourishing complexes have been used both nutritionally and therapeutically for centuries in ancient indigenous cultures for health & healing



Most commercially available mineral supplements are (unfortunately) sourced from difficult-to-absorb rocks, chalk, clay and egg shells. Add to that the use of chemicals and harsh processing in the manufacturing, the result renders mineral products that are less than beneficial or effective for the body.

Naturally occurring, plant-sourced mineral complexes in HUMIC Intense™ mineral complex are extracted via a unique proprietary process using only water and energy processes that honor and preserve the integrity and life-force of the precious micro-nutrients & elements. Absolutely no chemicals are used . . . Ever!

The naturally occurring nourishment in HUMIC Intense™ mineral complex are sourced from ancient, nutrient-rich fresh water plant deposits from deep underground. The body easily recognizes & utilizes the highly bio-available nutrients; it seems to us to be much more sensible than highly processed pills or powders from inorganic sources that are difficult for the body to fully assimilate or to extract much nourishment from.



We humans depend on nourishment from the foods we eat and drink. Too often though, we don’t eat as well as we could. Supplementing with a naturally sourced and balanced source of humic minerals and micro-elements makes sense on every level. HUMIC Intense™ mineral complex provides a full spectrum of plant-sourced nutrients; minerals, micro-elements & yet-to-be-identified nutrients that support maximum health and vitality.

Supplementing with HUMIC Intense™ mineral complex helps resolve a major issue in today’s food supply by adding back the dietary minerals and micro-elements that have been depleted from our soils and food supply due to modern farming practices.

The body can get along, albeit poorly, without supplemental vitamins, but remove all minerals and the body will fail. Nourishing the body with the essential minerals and nutrients in HUMIC Intense™ mineral complex just makes sense!

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